Resin Cast, 3d Printing

Casting Resin Dice

Today I decided to make my own dice. Recently, I have been scouring the interwebs and I found a lot of cool dice designs. This wasn't on purpose Massdrop, Pinterest showed them off after I clicked a few times the ads started to show dice. I mean I was in a dice-mare so I could either buy dice or make them. I think you know what I choose and here it goes.

I used...

3d printer (FlashForge Finder)

casting silicone (Smooth On)

and a few cups, sticks and paper.


Instead of building my own design, I choose one from Thingiverse that looked awesome and proceeded to print.


I decided to print in PLA on the Flashforge Finder. I really like this printer, Easy to use and hardly every fails.


After The dice was printed I realized I could have just bought some dice and used those. But, Hey I'm a maker ITS WHAT I DO!


The casting was by far the messiest and personified my channel (While the Glue Dries) but in this case, it was while the Silicone and resin cured.

The MESS!!!


I used SmoothOn Dragonskin 60 and It worked out nicely.

ALL IN ALL everything came out nicely and i will definitely be making more.