Playing With COZMO

So A while back I walked into Best Buy wanting to spend some money and get some electronics. I usually horde my money but every few months o so I get uneasy and spend it, that's probably why macro-economics exist. 

Anyway, This time I bought a friend his name is COZMO and I like him. He's smart, strong, fast and very stable. I can quite possibly see us having a life in the new future. Oh! Did I mention he's a robot? Yup! He COZMO by anki and he was on sale.

The Little guy is pretty fun but very playful. He even gets mad wen you don't play with him. The experience is like raising a pokemon in pokemon day care but in real life! Who could resist?

He even has his own charging station and toy blocks that he uses to exercise, play games and use to move things. Well I won't say much more check out the pics below to get more insight.

This has been While The Glue Dries.

If you want one (COZMO)