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I Made A Super Thin Midi Controller!

So awhile back I had an Idea to make arcade buttons using living hinge laser design. And so I did it. The thought was a spring but the the spring arms needed to be thick enough to return to the starting position. There was a lot of try and error but the problem was the material (wood) is weak when its thin and I'm using 1/8 in. But I managed to get it to work but if anyone has an idea for a material please LMK.


Materials used:

2 - 12 x 24 in 1/8 in birch plywood.

1 - Adafruit Trinket pro

  - 10 wire ribbon cable

  - wood Glue

  - copper tape

  - laser cutter


  - Arduino IDE

  - Trinket pro keyboard library


I first designed the Crtlr in Adobe Illustrator and set the spiral command to: 


After that I took it to the laser and cut out everything.

Then, I cut the copper tape to look like the silicone membrane pcb.



I connected the wires everyone to a trinket digital pin, and the other to ground, I ended up using internal pull ups to prevent floating values.

And here we are.


While the glue dried on this project I made a binance account because I am tired of the high fees at coin base. Thanks for tuning in.