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Every Snowflake is Unique.


Hey All! There was a time when I was building a streetwear brand. Yes! I know "who is this guy"  - I'm Brandon LOL. Well continuing on Instagram ended up being my most profitable and engaging platform. There was only 1 problem, Instagram only allows one link. And as an up and coming brand I had a website, facebook, tumblr, twitter etc. but I couldn't get the traffic on instagram on those platforms until I made this web application


A web app to keep a collection of all your URL’s

SnowFlake is a web app that gives you a unique link for a collection of links that you provide. While Instagram only grants you one URL, Snowflake provide a way to share all your links.

Allows you to input a number of URL’s (e.g. for your own social networking site links, or personal websites).

Provides a page which has a link for all of the URL’s — meaning that when you want to display all your websites, but are only allowed a limited number, you can use this URL.

How Its Works

How SnowFlake works

  1. Post a link to SnowFlake
  2. Share your links by sending your SnowFlake

Check SnowFlake Out let me know what you think below!

Let the SnowFlakes Fall !