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I Made A Steering Wheel!

Racing Wheel.JPG

I was playing a flash game and realized the game would be way more fun if I had an actual wheel. Gaming wheels were over $100 online and that’s when I got the idea to make my own. I used lasercut pieces, acrylic, Arduino and Makey Makey. The Arduino operates on a rotary encoder while the Makey Makey is the HID (Human Interface Device). Along with the wheel, I also created a gas pedal. The gas pedal was necessary because when my hands were on the wheel, I couldn’t control the gas and break.

steering wheel makey makey.JPG
arduino pedals.JPG
arduino makey makey.JPG

While building the gaming wheel, I realized that I had to reverse all of the rotary encoder outputs because when the wheel turned right the rotary encoder turned left. I also found out you can use pulses to control Makey Makey, meaning when the Arduino controls the Makey Makey it interprets the wheel movements to keyboard clicks with variants in speed and duration.

I feel that the gaming wheel came out really well. Mounting the wood pieces to the acrylic was difficult, however. I accomplished this with hot glue. For my following iteration, I will be using screws because the hot glue wasn’t as stable as I wanted it to be.

I would recommend for others to try this project because you would learn about combining electrical with mechanical design. It was also fun! Now I can play all the driving flash games I want. :)


It also seems my blog writing got a huge spike from my friend Judiee go check her out she is pretty talented!

And While The Glue Dried

I enjoyed a big bowl of Korean friend ramen it was delicious, I'm easing my self into consuming more spicy foods.



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