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A Foam Guitar


An associate of mine comes in to the Fablab where I work to do observations for her research project. During the down time we talk about things we may want to build and what others have built. She had recently bought a Nintendo Wii guitar hero controller and had rekindled that love for the game. When she talked about it I had an idea, “I should build a guitar hero controller” - said my brain. And so I did.


  • Insulation foam
  • ⅛ in birch plywood
  • Makey Makey
  • Wire
  • Copper tape
  • Picture hanging wire
  • Wood glue



  • Laser cutter
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire strippers
  • Hot glue gun


I decided to give myself some constraints when building this guitar.

First, I had to be the size of a normal guitar.

Second, I had to fit on a 12x24 sheet of plywood; we often host


Summer camps and a small bill of materials is a must.

Third, I had to use a makey makey.

This project came out fine. But during testing I turned and hit the neck on a wall and it snapped - Nothing a little duck tape couldn’t fix. But if you end up building one, make a little stronger

The Electronics were very simple connect each button to a makey makey input and ground yourself with a grounding band.

The big takeaway was the use of hanging wire which is flexible so when you strum it came back to the starting position just like in guitar hero.

But here it is in all its glory.


While the glue dried:

I binge watched YSAC (You Suck At Cooking ) on Youtube and it was epic. Must watch for anyone alive :)