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The Light Box

Now I know maybe you have seen this before. But I made mine for a different reason. I wanted to display 8 bit sprites on my desk while I worked. And I succeeded. I completely modeled this light box in Fusion360 then converted the the pieces into drawings and proceeded to cut them out on the laser cutter. This was a very rewarding project, I mean who doesn’t like neo pixels.



  • ⅛ in birch plywood
  • 49 Neopixel strip 7x7 grid
  • Super glue
  • Wood glue
  • Arduino
  • Wire


  • Laser cutter
  • Soldering iron
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire strippers

After designing the box and laser-ing everything out. Assembly was simple. The hard part was extending the neopixels because they didn’t center with in the lased boxes.


But after that I loaded adafruit neo matrix example code and viola.


Meanwhile, While the glue dried.

I made progress in my intro to self driving car class with Udacity. I really like Udacity I learn and I don’t even notice it. But the mentors are pretty awesome and the slack is helpful.