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This project is IOT (Internet of things) connected basketball hoop. This hoop is awesome because it was completely handmade. The hoop and backboard were lasercut on an Epilog lasecutter. The hoop is able to keep score by using a particle photon that is a microcontroller that connects to the internet. The IOT device is built specifically to communicate with other devices over the internet / WIFI.

I decided to make this project because I had an inflatable ball on my desk and realized it would be a lot more fun with a basketball hoop. And what’s better than a regular degular basketball hoop? One that keeps score!


  • Particle Photon
  • ¼ in birch plywood
  • LED strip
  • I2c enabled 16x2 LCD
  • Wire
  • Solder
  • Vinyl



  • Laser Cutter
  • Drill
  • Double sided tape

The Breakdown:

There is an IR sensor that is used to detect the basketball going through the hoop. Originally, I tried to use an ultrasound sensor and the problem with that sensor is that it was too slow. I ended up using an IR sensor because light is faster than sound and because an IR sensor uses light, I found this to be more successful.

There is an LED strip that flashes after five points and an LCD that displays the points.

I am incredibly satisfied with this project! I was surprised to find that it still worked after a whole year.

Building this project cost under $50.


While The Glue Dries:

I Hit that Falsetto like BAM.