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Soooooo, we are back and this time I am making a defused light ring for video production. Apparently people don't like to read as much as they like to watch so I need to start making YouTube videos. But,  A big light ring cost so much these days and I can make one so I made one. 

Check It Out:


12 x 24 x 1/4 in birch plywood

Thick velum material

Hot glue

Toggle switch

12v white LED strip

1 x DC female socket

12v 1A power brick




Hot glue gun

Scroll Saw


Laser cutter

Soldering Iron



I decided I wanted a big light ring, and found out 19'' is a standard size. Unfortunately the laser I have access to only fits a max area of 12'' x 14'' so I had to break it into 4ths. 

you can download the PDF here

19'' light ring structure

After This was laser-ed out I assembled it by butting the edges together with M6 screws and using the small curved parts as braces. The led strip was then cut glued and re-soldered to span the entire circle.

The ring was then sandwich-ed between 2 square pieces to act as a mounting bracket.

After That it was time to burn my fingers with the glue gun, No I mean physically scar my fingers because hot glue loves my fingers, I mean glue the velum to the edge of the ring.

We're almost done! Now it's time for some electronics. this was pretty simple batter switch and lamp circuit.

Plugged it in and...LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!

Here are the comparison photos


I listened to this awesome podcast called Southpaws. Its pretty good give it a listen!