Part 1 - Labo Teardown Remake

Nintendo LABO facebook photo

Nintendo LABO facebook photo

Amazing thing happened! Nintendo decided to build cardboard toy attachments. Now I'm not in the Nintendo in group but I am an engineer and have a unique prospective of the beautiful product.

Now, what is Nintendo Labo? 

is a gaming and construction toy platform developed by Nintendo to be used as an extension to the Nintendo Switch gaming system, which will be released in April 2018.
— wikipedia

I recently read through IFIXIT joy con tear down and noticed that they have and Ir camera and 4 Ir LEDs.

Thats like having the Nintendo Wii controller and sensor bar in one small package. Also, Its like having a low quality XBOX Kinect in a game controller. This is amazing but a natural next step in gaming, we have seen infared tech in just about every system, any further and we get to VR/AR and use actual cameras.


The way the Ir camera-led-reflector system works is by beaming ir light and using the camera to detect the reflected light. Now cardboard absorbs IR ray pretty well so adding a reflector would be like putting a white square in a black ocean.


Using this and multiple leds, the Joy-con is able to track the position and distance of the reflector by measuring size and position in frame of the while reflectors. 

And since Nintendo designs and distributes the Labo parts they know the Constants and variables and build software to react to the physical changes.

Notice the reflective tape in this video.

What Nintendo has done is pretty awesome and hopefully it show people that technology doesn't have t be state of the art. Just useful, practical, or FUN.

Furthermore, I used Fusion360 to start building my own alternative to Nintento's LABO. recently Fusion360 released sheet metal and by changing a few setting you can add cardboard as a material and bend it and cut it as if it were real cardboard. They teach you in this video.

Here I'm playing around in Fusion making a cardboard rectangle with tabs. It was FUN and easy. Stay tuned and I show you how I build My own Nintendo LABO Alternative just because I can.

And..... While The Glue Dried....

I played a little Hearthstone and lost I'm not going to show that.