Why You Are Failing At Crypto!


So you Decided to get into the Bitcoin Rush. So you put a little money in and BOOM! You made some money and that felt so good. But, then you started to loose money and at a steady rate too so you figured you would continue to loose money. Its as you got hustled playing pool in a slimy dive bar. Let me help you out.

About 2 - 3 years ago I got into the Bitcoin game and my grandmother gave me some money. I ended up loosing over 30% of it panic selling: selling your asset due to emotion. I felt scared and unsafe, honestly I couldn't believe how I felt but you have worst luck betting it all at a casino.

I bought 3 bitcoin when the price was around 1000. Today that would have been worth over 30,000 but I got scared and I didn't know what I was doing. So I decided to learn basic economics and day trading and everything became clear.

ANALYZE and RIDE THE TRENDS, meaning don't babysit you crypto-coins Its will drive you mad. As a test watch Bitcoin for a week with no investment and at the end of the week compare the first price and the last price you saw. This, should give you some peace of mind and listen to the experts they can be wrong but they probably have a higher success rate than you, so do the math.

Price correction: Bitcoin is a market and in markets price corrections occur, this is when the price goes really high then low then equal out or the opposite, its why you don't see market crashes often.

Well let me know what you think this have been while the glue dries.