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My Presidential Teleprompter

So President Trump will be giving his State of the Union today so I decided to make something of significance. I made a presidential teleprompter for when I give me state of the world Union in 2020. It was surprisingly easy to put this thing together, it only took some acrylic, wood and a 3D printed part.


12 x 24 clear acrylic (use smokey if you have smokey)

2 x 16 x 8 in pine slab

M6 screws

thin craft foam

wooded dowel


3D printer 

Laser cutter

Band saw

Scroll saw



For those who don't know a teleprompter is just a clever use of one way reflection.

A back lit device is placed parallel to the floor and a mirror angled 45 degrees to the device reflects the image to a presenter. Now currently I care about 2 types the video camera teleprompter below. and the presidential teleprompter used for presenters at a podium.


Interesting enough its pretty easy to build a teleprompter. you need only a mirror placed at the right angle and distance from the the presenting device.


I figure the glass is so that the presenters face is unimpeded.

Well here is a video of me building my presidential teleprompter.

But while the paint dried, the 3D print printed and the glue dried I played Hearthstone and listened to the entire Lady GAGA and Tony Bennett duet album Cheek to Cheek.