I'm The One You've Been Looking For

Brandon Rice


MY Experience And Expertise

  • Agile work environment
  • C, C++, C#
  • Database implementation/Design
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • IOT
  • Python, Node, Ruby
  • Circuit Design
  • Signal Processing
  • Control
  • Micro Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Embedded Software

P.S. I'm a Person!

I am an active member of both the maker movement and open source initiative. I believe that knowledge is power and that data is the true currency going forward. I really Like to work on projects that involve using new and emerging technologies. I want to make a real difference and I love to see the things I make work. 

Furthermore, I love to help people bring there ideas to life. Then I walk away like a lone ranger murmuring " My time here is done". 

There was a time when I made things just to make them, Now I want to make things for a reason. My mom said "You always said you wanted to be an Inventor" and as I got older I learned That mean't I wanted to be an engineer. So here I am a man who is simply following a 10 year old's dream of making a difference.

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