funny video

This ain’t the autobahn


Made me laugh so hardcore :D:D


Six months…

… passed since Barcelona. Pretty awesome 🙂

btw – jut got issued 10 years USA multi-entry tourist visa, so NEW YORK it is (just hope I’ll get annual leave approved 😉

also – Thailand  T= -11 days.

funny tv-series


No further comments necessary.


The Office

What the fck I was doing for the last 5 years that I discovered “The Office” just now?


At least I have loads to catch up on 🙂


– That’s what she said!


just to be clear – despite all its awesomeness FG > TO



Flux capacitor is still fluxing.

We went out to see anniversary edition of “Back to the future” that is being screened in Ireland since last week. There is nothing better than bringing back good memories from ones childhood.

Interesting thing that most of the audience seemed to be half the age of the movie – but yet everyone seemed to enjoy it. I guess that has to be due to the amount of crap films being released these days.

At least thanks to that we can enjoy classic movies even more.

There was one thing that popped into my mind while we were watching the movie. There are 4 actors in it that had to be characterized to appear 25 years older than they actually were.

I’d be fun to verify that characterization. ;]

fail funny

Ms Nowak

Ms Nowak

The small print under the mug shot says that names of prosecuted people were changed.  I wonder what did they change the middle person’s name from – Mr. Nowak?



Emo rage

Definition (after

“An affliction with causes unknown. Symptoms include: hyperactive passive aggressive behavior, stunted one word responses to questions, cleaning sprees, increased world of warcraft use, silence. The syndrome reignites every few months for a period of 7-10 days. Once that length of time is complete, it is followed by 2-3 days of extreme euphoria. It appears once this disease has infected a person, there is no cure.”


Thailand here we come!

So after some discussion, planning and all of that people normally do before they choose their holidays destination we have chosen to go to Thailand for 2 weeks.

so Thailand,  here we come! (on the 7th of Nov ;)).