Operation resole!

I’ve decided to collect all the shoes I can and resole! I’ve done it before on my Miuras and I was very happy with the service. (I’m using, a shop back in Poland).

It’s a much cheaper way of restoring old climbing shoes, than buying new pair every 6 months.  To split delivery I’ve got 3 pairs of Derek, 2 of Monika, 1 of Louis and 1 is mine.

Definitely going to need a bigger box now!


Delivery is 20 euro for up to 10KG box, return will be free. Resole cost itself depends on the rubber type and degree of damage (all Derek’s shoes are worn all the way down to toe, might even be beyond repair at this point) is between 25 and 40 euro per pair. Considering new pair of La Sportiva Miuras is over 120euro, repair is the way to go!

All the BEFORE photos are HERE. Once I get the shoes back I’ll make a post with AFTER.

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