Team night out at the Quarry. 

It’s not often that all of us, the old crew gets together anymore.

We were lucky enough to make it happen tonight: PG, Del,  Diarmuid, Monika and I met up at the Quary for some easy routes.

PG started with Street Fighter (VS 4c),

Monika following Street Fighter.

I was next with nearby one move wonder – Ivy Chimney (S, 5a), before Diarmuid arrived and we all moved to the east valley.

Me past the Crux of Ivy Chimney

Diarmuid started  Mahjongg (VS 4c) while PG did another classic Vs – E route (4b, with staircase finish – Hvs 4c). In the mean time Del showed up.  It was good to see him back at the cragg,  since he is still recovering from his winter injuries.

The dream team enjoying the evening.

There was still time for one more round of climbs so we moved left.

PG did always dangerous Sham Gully, (VS 5b) – it has very dodgy unprotected start, decent spotting is always encouraged!

In the mean time Bushmills E1 5b was waiting for an accent.

Bushmills in all its glory.

No volunteers,  so jumped on it  and tryied my best not to embarrass myself at it. It took two attempts, but I did it clean.

Somehow sudeenly everyone was eager to second it, so I spent next 40mins at the top giving free belays. At least it was very sunny up there 🙂

PG coming up on the upper parts of Bushmils

It was  good evening in great company. Some of my best climbing memories come from Dalkey, partially because it is where I started, but mostly thanks to the people I climb with.

Next stop Fair Head (if the weather permits….)

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