Bonus day at Picos

We weren’t meant to be climbing today at all, mainly due to fatigue but also bad weather forecast (or the other way around). Instead we opted to do some sightseeing of nearby towns and villages.

It happened that we did pack some Quickdraws, ropes a day other bits and pieces, just in case we find some sheltered sports crag.

We drove to nearby Potes I’m search for entertainment and a laundromat. Truth to be told, our clothing was a biohazard after a week of hard climbing.

We found a coin operated one in Ojeda, just north of Potes.

45minutes later all the dirt was gone. We also ran into a group of local climbers that happened to have a sport climbing guidebook. We got some recommendations of them and drove back to Potes for some lunch.

I bought some souveniers and we moved towards a crag in Los Llano (it wasn’t the recommended one, just happened to be nearby) , between Potes and Cosgaya (where we are staying).

Now, the crag was small enough (maybe 8 or 9 routes), rather dirty rock, with shitty belay stances on steep slope. It has few good features though. It was close to parking, 2min walk, extremally well bolted and… that’s it.

To compare it to local standards it was poor. No question about it. Good enough for few quick climbs today though.

We both lead 4 routes each, in V/V+ range, all steep with slightly overhanging cruxes, which was a nice contrast to the long and runout slabs of previous week.

The trip is now officially over. Flying ack to Dublin tomorrow.

Once I’m back I’ll upload rest of the stories/photos and will write up a summary blog.

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