Game over…

For at lest  4-8 weeks. Depending on the damage done… But it’s more likely I won’t get to climb in nice weather anymore this season.

Long story short. Went bouldering to The Wall, as we normally do on the weekends. Last route (problem) of the day… and I fell of (or more – jumped off..)  from the top of black corner one,  my body was twisted and upon landing my right foot went sideways and twisted as well taking the whole body weight on it.

Went to the A&E in Blackrock to get an xray, as the swelling was significant and movement fully restricted.

The Doc diagnosed partially torn ligaments. Luckily no broken bones. It will take some time to heal…


Well I guess that’s what happens when bouldering. Stupid sport 😉

Author: mic1024

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