Back on the horse.

It’s been three months since my unfortunate fall at The Wall that tleft me with injured ankle and I’ve started slowly getting back at it. I’m going to leave bouldering alone for a while, the risk of a silly jump of and renewing the injury is to high. I’ve renewed my Awesome Walls subscription and have enjoyed going back there regularly in the last two weeks. It’s kind of difficult to assemble the old team together so I’ve also renewed my membership with Imc and trying to establish new belaying partnership there. I got super lucky that my main 2017 partner in crime – Peter – is in Dublin twice a week for at least next month, so we were pulling on plastic together. It’s good to see that despite lack of climbing Istill have it, and am able to cruise 6b and go on 6c routes. 2weekend ago we also did a quick trip to Dalkey Quarry – my local crag – and a place where my outdoors climbi g adventure started. I introduced Peter to some of the local classics – such as Mahjongg (VS), Excesrsion (Hvs), and Jameson 10(Vs). Despite cold November weather we had a blast and are keen on climbing together even more. Our next serious adventure is 2months away (end of Jan 2018), we are going to spend d a week around Ecrins in France – which is on of Europe’s finest ice climbing destinations. Games on!