Due North. Day 1.

I’ll start where we left of yesterday. We left the ferry around 10.30pm and drove for 1.5h to Kilmarnock. Had a hotel booked there for a quick rest,   before we hit the road again in the morning. The idea was to make it before morning Glasgow traffic rush and make it to Orchy Bridge around 10am and find some climbing.

In the mean time we got some intel from our trusted base camp adviser, PG on possible crags and routes in that area. Good guide book pictures etc.


We decided on Beinn Udlaigh black wall. Strong enough winds from the beginning… Welcome to Scotland, said Derek…

Steep enough walk, but nothing serious. Took just over an hour to get to the crag.

Guidebook description is accurate. Get to the farm, park outside and go through the farm up the trail. Can’t miss it.


It was pretty wet all along with rain from every direction  and wet ground.  When we finally arrived and  stood there near the base looking at the routes,  avalanche came down on either ice screw or quartzvein scoop routes (difficult to say as visibility was very poor, and with all the snow we weren’t 100% sure which one was which.

These are the ones we were planning o doing. After short discussion we  decided to turn back… It just wasnt worth risking getting swiped out. Scotland 1. Ireland 0.

We went back then to the car and drove to Fort William (1h or so).

It’s a nice mountain town. Kind of reminds me of Banff or Canmore.

We checked in to the B&B we have booked 3nights at and went do some supplies run.

Food is kind of important. So are ski goggles. Both Del and I picked up a new pair each.


They most definetly will come in handy tomorrow, on a big and windy trail to Ben Nevis. Start at 4am…

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