Jordan 2018

2018 Jordan – Part 5 – Jerusalem, Jerash and return home

So this…

Yes. I’ll just post few pictures, as i don’t have the strength to write about it. The trip itself was tough and long drive from Aqaba to the northern border crossing (the other 2 aren’t good for foreigners). There is enough info on the interwebs of how to actually make the crossing – but I wouldn’t recommend it to any but the most adventure seeking travelers. If you decide to do it get ready for adventure 🙂

Wailing wall
Some important building people were taking pictures with.


From Jerusalem, we went back to Jordan’s Capital Amman, and stayed there for few days until our return to Dublin.

We did go to visit one more place, north of Amman called Jerash, definitely worth a trip – a half day stroll through some of the oldest remains of the Roman Empire.

Jerash theather

The other half day we spent in some local climbing spot – bolted, but meh. (on top of that we were all tired as well).

Meh crag

The trip home went uneventful (as expected). Returning the car went smooth (we did get couple of flat tires during the 2 weeks stay, but managed to get it changed and patched up as needed).

I’d like to come back in the future, perhaps better prepared for climbing, and maybe later on in the year, that will give better chance of good conditions.


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