Slieve Beg Vol.2

I don’t go to the Mournes often, but when I do, it’s always amazing. Last time I visited Slieve Beg crag was with Peter, back in 2017. Long story short – we got our asses kicked by the midgies. Full story here.

This time I went with Dave (idmadden) (since Peter has moved abroad).
We were joined there by Petra and Jason, who had a similar plan to ours.

Our plan was simple – go for a long day, find Wabash Cannonball and don’t get eaten alive. Half of it worked. While we did find the route, someone was already on it. Instead, we did 3 other routes (Parallel Lines, Shelob, Mourne Maggie, all of them turned out to be top-notch.

The whole adventure, door to door was 16h. Definitely would do it again!

Author: mic1024

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