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New Logo

So my design friend Judiee pointed out that my previous logo was hard to dissect. " what is it? a note, a letter? Looking at this I don't know what your company is" It was supposed to be a receipt. LOL


I've been conducting a lot of research in order to produce a vision for the company. I've decided Repit is an autonomous distribution network, In that companies, join the network by providing a feed of receipt data and then pay to access receipt data of other members. By creating this network I'd be able to build holistic autonomous Marketing, Business Analytics, Big Data and AI tools for business.

This decision transforms the company from a collector of raw data with a front end to an information highway with many profitable revenue streams. And so the new logo was born.



The Repit logo depicts a clean modern pinecone. Pinecones are the reproductive organs of many species of tree, they hold and transport seeds from tree to an open field. Upon completion of their journey, they lay baking in the hot sun until they spring open scattering seeds unto a new uninhabited area. Like the pinecone Repit is a means of distributing data from end to end in a secure way.

More to come.