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Figuring out the roadmap

Hey guys I'm glad you've decided to follow me along for this ride. Usually I start with developing the product but nowadays you can find developers anywhere. My goal is to be the CEO so this time i've decide to build a vision and developers will come, hopefully. I find it interesting how startups come to be, as you know it seems to be all about convincing someone this entity should exist. But, everytime I do research or explain my idea I think what this is stupid, then I think it's genius why hasn't any built this already and those become reasons why I should continue. I want to get to the point where there is no question why Repit should exist. I feel I'm missing that simple line with a complex backing like. Google: Better search for the web, or Facebook: your relationships online etc. Maybe Repit: What you do automated.

Yea you like it? you know because like when you pay for stuff you consume services and products and we automate the proof that you did it. blah blah nevermind. One liner TBA.

Well i wrote a list of things I need to do so here it is. Honestly I like telling everyone what im doing its hard to be secretive sometimes. 


Off The Ground Plan

Possible time line w/o funding 6 mo

w/ funding 3 mo


Brandon Rice


  1. Build visuals of my vision for the company.
  2. Create landing page [ collect emails ]
  3. Create pitch slide deck
  4. Create elevator pitch
  5. Develop key points of repits Model and modes of success
  6. Hire writers to produce and release 3 articles about:
  7. What is Repit
  8. What we want to be
  9. Who we want to effect
  10. Who is the team
  11. Why we are building repit
  12. Why Repit is needed
  13. Create Social media accounts with terms so to communicate with community
  14. Put together an email pitch to gauge companies interest in Repit’s Solution
  15. Find a teammate (economist, developer, cool person)
  16. Draft cases in which repit would be useful
  17. Create timeline for saas implementation and summaries of AI, Data analytics, Query, Front facing Applications etc.
  18. Talk to legal teams about legality
  19. Produce documentation for sales team.
  20. Develop SOFTWARE.


Supporting list:

  • Hire Designer
  • Hire Blockchain developer
  • Hire Backend developer, frontend
  • Hire a few writers
  • Consult Economist
  • Consult a Salesman (B2B)
  • Build email list


As Always More to come