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So I recently participated in a 3 day long blockchain hackathon where you Pitch; Form a team; Build a Startup and compete for prizes. Zac, Jacob and I ended up getting an honorable mention. It was a FUN experience. 


Long story short If the idea was able to get an honorable mention from that panel of judges I think Its worth building. and I've decided to document the process for the world to see.


Quite simply the idea is " Receipts on the blockchain ". Reason why is because Proof of Purchase must be Immutable and transparent. Blockchain technology allows this in its design so why not? I see this as a fundamental Database of receipts. If I can prove 'proof of purchase' I can then verify Amazon reviews; verify Gun purchases; Provide better CPI data for Inflation calculations; Create a free market etc.


I really Excited to get started I be using Ethereum smart contracts and IPFS to get the backend going so lets see what happens.


  • Blockchain aggregating consumer transactions

    • Solves:

      • Receipt Fraud ( 30-day returns, Blocking Credit cards, etc)

      • Costly Audits

      • Data Accessibility

    • Collected with:

      • Facial scanners (AmazonGo)

      • Bluetooth location (ibeacon tech)

      • POS transaction data (Square Integration)

    • How:

      • Proof of Location (IsConsumerHere)

      • Proof of Session (IsGoodsExchanged)

      • Proof of Purchase ( IsReceiptGenerated)