The Start

So I Read this article Why I Quit Google to Work for Myself by Micheal Lynch on why he left his job at Google. And I thought I can build my start-up now. I had opted to wait so that i could get some experience watching other startups.  But the whole culture is about iteration, If one doesn't work build another using the knowledge from the other I might use Bayesian theory to improve.

The IDEA, I hatched an Idea and decided to run with it. I with build a productivity Platform for contractors and freelancers. 

productivity meme

The WHY, I am a part time contractor and It is hard keeping up with things. Money isn't the issue because they have plenty of solutions for that. Its the human aspect. Meeting deadlines, Signing contracts, logging time, Being efficient. And with this being the time to build an AI based startup; and me having the know how, there is no problem.

The TECH, I have decided to use ReactJS for the front end, Django for the RESTful backend, and various third party API's including Tensorflow. I decide with these because they can be ported to mobile when my users start demanding I make it mobile.

The TEAM, Just me!

The VALUE, It seems I'm not the only one that wants freedom in my work. It's not like the old days where people are settling down in the suburbs. we aren't we are staying in cities and are willing to move when a new opportunity arises. The 4 - hour work week is a huge selling point for young people and companies hire remote contract workers all the time. Many of my friends are mad they have to buy a different turbo tax because of there 10-99's. So, I think the product will succeed if I execute it properly which is why I am documenting it.

4 hour work week Google trends

4 hour work week Google trends


Starting features: 

Provide a service that makes freelance more autonomous.

Why: As a freelancer I often fall behind, drop emails, and can’t accurately measure time spent on a project.

Preliminary features:

  • Time-in/time-out

    • NFC tag at locations (touch with phone -> log time in/out)

  • Activity tracking

    • Widget that tracks what’s happening on screen and guesses what you are doing (provides time map)

  • Chat with clients

    • Chat application with GitHub integration GIF creation, voice recording and doc sending)

  • Legal templates

    • Provide a PDFtemplate of stock legal docs for contracting and signature integration

  • Time spent recommendations

    • Analyze tracking data and goals set by user to optimize time usage. For better pay out, short turn over and client retention

  • Public facing efficiency

    • Show stats on project start and end, Client yelp stats, availability, skills, resources etc

  • Public facing referrals

    • Allow clients to refer contractor or freelancer. Using tokens gained when services are used.

  • Schedule recommendations

    • Integrate schedule and optimize work time using specifically tagged task.

  • Create job security

    • Line up projects (schedule, plan, execute, deliver)

  • Priority management

    • Help meet deadlines by prioritizing based on user

  • Advance time allocation

    • After ML profile built help structure personal with work life (provide constraints to ensure success)

  • Task reminders


Tools I May Use:

  1. Screen recording
  2. OpenCV
  3. React native
  4. Google calendar
  5. Tensorflow / Keras
  6. Google hangouts
  7. Docker
  8. Blockchain (referrals)
  9. DAPPS
  10. HelloSign /pandadoc api/sdk


PLAN [first 15 days]:

Start 3/3/2018

  1. Time In / Time Out (5 days)

    1. Build user profile

    2. Provide 2 buttons

    3. Integrate google calendar

    4. Timeline View

  2. Activity Tracking (5 days)

    1. Attach to user profile

    2. Build driver for screen recording

    3. Create predictions based on what’s running and what screen is on top

    4. Filter data for a 3 day , weekly , monthly report

  3. Legal Templates ( 5 days)

    1. Compile list of legal boilerplate templates

    2. Create user important doc repository (integrate google docs)

    3. Integrate hellosign or docusign for send and receiving signatures.